Play Mario & Zelda For Longer - New Nintendo Switch In September

July 18, 2019

Those cheeky scamps at Nintendo. Last week, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser (I still can't get over that name!) said there wouldn't be new Nintendo Switch hardware this year, other than the Nintendo Switch Lite of course. It turns out his definition of 'new hardware' is different to that of everybody else in the world.

In August in Hong Kong, and September in the UK, you will be able to get your hands on an updated version of the Switch with a longer battery life, probably due to snazzy things being done with the processor rather than an actual battery change, according to Eurogamer.

What this means in practice is that you'll be able to play Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for longer when out and about, or in the other room whilst the rest of the family watches Love Island.

It also means Bowser should be observed in the same way as his in-game namesake, probably.

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Luciano Howard

I've been gaming for 30+ years on the Commodore VIC-20 to the Nintendo Switch and most things in-between. I enjoy all kinds of games but if I had to pick a couple right now, I'd say I adore Mario and love Dark Souls. I can talk about either ad infinitum...