Scoring policy

Our Scoring Policy

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scores reviews using a ten-point scale. A score is based on the honest opinion of the reviewer, without any outside influence from advertisers, PR, publishers, developers or other outlets. Scoring takes into account numerous factors, such as how the game plays, looks, sounds, and performs technically. We may compare it with other games in the same genre, and where it is a sequel or iteration, we will also take into consideration previous entries in the series.

While scores can be divisive, they also assist in grading games and providing a researched opinion to the reader. You may agree or disagree with a score, but you can be assured that it was arrived at after thorough playtesting, and based on the reviewer's extensive experience. All reviews are proofed by the editorial team before publishing, and the score analysed to ensure consistency with the review text.

The main scores to be aware of, and their associated meanings are:

10 - This is as close to an ideal example of its ilk that a game can be. It may not be "perfect", as perfection is completely subjective. Nor may it be fully free from bugs, as it is near impossible to find a game released today which has none. However, any flaws will be superficial, and overall it will be considered a game of unquestionable quality and innovation, which is likely to be held as the gold standard of its genre for years to come.

7 - This is a good game, which will be enjoyed by many people. It isn't necessarily great, but it has at least enough depth, character, and playability to warrant picking up. It may have numerous small issues or problems with key mechanics or aspects of its genre which stop it from achieving greatness, but it can still be recommended if you are willing to overlook these.

5 - This is the epitome of average. It is a functional, playable game which offers little to recommend it. It may be mundane, disappointing, or lacking in certain areas, but might still be a title that some gamers would be willing to play.

3 - This is a game which most people will not enjoy playing, due to huge problems with core aspects of its design and execution. While it can still be completed, it may be riddled with bugs, have appalling gameplay mechanics, or generally fails to a degree in almost every area of its genre.

1 -
This is a game which suffers from significant technical issues. We were either unable to complete it because of these problems, or the effort required to do was far more than any normal gamer would reasonably be willing to invest. In every respect, a game which is awarded our lowest score is fundamentally broken, and has been deemed a failure.