About Jump Dash Roll

Founded in February 2018, Jump Dash Roll aims to celebrate gaming by delivering high-quality content written for people who want to keep up to date with the industry. It’s a site for all gamers: young, old and everything in between.

A platform-agnostic gaming site, Jump Dash Roll provides regular news, reviews and features alongside a variety of other content designed to be read to inform and provide meaningful insight into the gaming world today. We aim to continuously improve the content we deliver as we grow, bringing the articles, features, news and reviews that our readers want to their device of choice. Jump Dash Roll will scale to all mobile technologies intelligently, making it a site you'd be happy to visit from your PC, phone or tablet.

Our writing team has decades of experience in games journalism and editorial. Driven by a desire to indulge our own interests and hobbies, we’ve created Jump Dash Roll in the image of what we would want to read. We will cover gaming in all its breadth in the most comprehensive and contemporary way possible, providing regular content that you’ll look forward to and enjoy reading throughout your day.