Jump Dash Roll Editorial

How We Review Games

Jump Dash Roll prides itself on being an independent critic. The majority of our reviews are written using preview codes or promotional copies provided to us by publishers or developers.

We do not:

- Accept monetary payments or gifts in exchange for reviews. Any review copies provided to us are done so freely, with no expectation that we will review the game.

- Score our reviews based on prior experience with any publisher or developer. 

- Disclose review scores prior to publishing.

If we are unable to obtain review copy or a review unit from a publisher, or where an embargo is in place which may hinder a timely review, our writing team may purchase the game themselves or utilise early access gained from Kickstarter or similar avenues for obtaining a review copy. We allow staff to back Kickstarter (or similar) projects in order to obtain review copies in this way, but any such backing will have no impact on the review process.

Scoring will be determined by the reviewer and the Reviews Editor. No consideration is made for goodwill to any publisher or developer, or any potential advertising or revenue that any of our articles may generate.

Jump Dash Roll's view of games or hardware may change over time, and our articles may reflect these changes. Any such changes will be completely transparent.


Jump Dash Roll is funded primarily by advertising. While we sell advertising space on the site, any ads we host will not be in return for writing reviews, features, news or other articles. Similarly, we do not accept any form of financial incentive to promote any article above another, nor do we host journalistic material at the behest of any advertising agency, PR company or other third party. All content produced on Jump Dash Roll is written free from outside intervention, and published at our own editorial discretion.

Jump Dash Roll utilises Google Adsense currently for banner advertising and works to adhere to their detailed advertising policies. To assist us in this endeavour please do not click a sponsored advert displayed on Jump Dash Roll unless geniunely interested in the product advertised - additional 'free' clicks will not help Jump Dash Roll as this is considered fraudulent activity. Enjoy our content and engage with us through the comments sections; our advertising will work organically.

Promotional Material and Review Copies

We may receive promotional products, games or hardware from companies for review. The decision whether to review such promotional material is entirely down to the discretion of the editorial staff. We do not accept any items on the basis that we will automatically review them. In many cases, promotional material such as review copies will be received before the game is published - in this case, we may be asked to observe an embargo (and in some cases, sign a non-disclosure agreement) not to publish any associated article until a specified date and time.

Corrections and Clarifications

While Jump Dash Roll makes every effort to ensure our articles are completely accurate upon publication, we reserve the right to correct any such article after it is published. Such articles will never be removed, and where necessary we will add a clarification at the end of an article to specify the reason for the change(s).