Chucklefish release trailer for creepy puzzle-platformer Inmost

August 20, 2018

Independent games studio Chucklefish (Stardew Valley, Starbound) has announced they will be publishing Inmost, an “atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer” and the latest game from two-man indie-developer Hidden Layer Games. The trailer shows off a beautiful (if terrifying) green-tinted world beset by shadowy monsters and gameplay that takes the form of three playable characters all with unique abilities used to either sneak, fight or puzzle your way past enemies.

There’s a knight equipped with a melee weapon and a handy hookshot, a bearded man who runs, jumps and swings his way to safety and a young girl at home under the threat of the shadow monsters. According to Inmost’s official website there will also be “a creature which feeds on pain” yet to be revealed (something tells us the cute Sasquatch looking character isn’t it) but which sounds intriguing. The knight looks to be tasked with exploring a spooky abandoned castle in the hopes of unwrapping the mystery surrounding the family that lived there, but with the devs assuring us that this will be an “interconnecting tale of suffering [and] sacrifice”, we’re willing to bet that not everything is as it seems. The artstyle is similarly dark and moody, like a pixel-Limbo and showcases some gorgeous lighting and animation effects. It also gives us a first look at some of the fearsome ghouls you’ll be fighting (or fleeing from).

Chucklefish has shown they have a good eye for pixel-based goodness and Inmost looks set to follow that trend. With the release date slated for 2019 there’s still a while to wait but in the meantime you can check out the full trailer below.

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