E3 2019: Apex Legends Season 2 Brings New Legend, Ranked Mode and More

June 11, 2019

Apex Legends Season 2 will be begin this July, as revealed during EA’s EA Play 2019 livestream. Following quickly after the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay showcase, Respawn went on to share details of their fast-paced, free-to-play shooter’s second season, revealing a new weapon, gameplay mode and a brand new Legend.

Wattson is the latest Legend to join the fight in Apex Legends. A healer by trade (or class), in the game’s story Wattson is the daughter of the creator of the ring that surrounds players during the game. She’s been a part of the Legends Tournament since birth.

Her abilities include being able to place defensive barriers to lock off an area. These can be placed however the player likes, and teammates will have the ability to pass through. Her Ultimate is a turret that can blow grenades and rockets out of the sky, and it charges other players’ shields too!

The new weapon is the L-Star, a fully automatic plasma EMG that might look familiar to some Titanfall 2 players. This beast can blast through doors but, be warned, you’ll only get it in care packages during matches. Use that ammo wisely! The introduction of the L-Star will also introduce some weapon rebalancing too, which is worth noting.

Finally, Season 2 will also introduce a new mode — Ranked Mode. This mode will utilise matchmaking and see players working through six tiers, from bronze to Apex Predator (cue Randy Orton’s theme music!). Players will be rewarded at the end of each season, depending on their performance.

On top of all of this, an update to Kings Canyon was teased by the developers, which may start appearing in game throughout the next month.

Season 2 will also see a change to the way Apex Legends handles its Battle Pass, per feedback from players:

  • Level up via Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  • Time to Battle Pass level 100 should be significantly reduced.
  • Three additional Legendary skins added to the rewards track.
  • Three entirely new content categories replace badge and stat tracker rewards.
  • You’ll earn enough Crafting Metal rewards from the full reward track to craft a Legendary item, or whatever your heart desires.

Apex Legends is currently rounding out Season 1 with the Legendary Hunt event, which is running until June 18th at 6:30pm GMT.

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