"A Victory for Women in Games" - Riot Games Settles Class Action Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

August 23, 2019
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It's been almost a year since we reported that developer Riot Games was put under the spotlight for gender discrimination following a Kotaku investigation. Despite the company apologising and updating its website to reflect its changed values, the revelation was inevitably followed by a class action lawsuit against the company in November. Riot didn't make things easy for themselves in response — they attempted to implement forced arbitration, a move which failed when Google attempted the same thing, and failed just as much when Riot's employees made their feelings known.

Now though, there is something of a happy ending. Rioters Against Forced Arbitration tweeted today that they have settled the class action lawsuit with the developer.

There are still other lawsuits outstanding, but this is a great result for the employees involved. Hopefully it will spur on further changes within the company, and even more hopefully, the ripples of this lawsuit will spark changes among all developers and publishers who have coasted along with their "bro culture" attitude to women in the workplace, with few to no ramifications. This outcome proves without doubt that the issue was real, painful, and needed to be dealt with. We hope for a speedy and positive resolution to the cases which are not covered by this settlement.

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