You Have One Week to Download Minecraft: Story Mode Season One & Two Before They're Gone for Good

June 18, 2019
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You'll probably recall the sad news last September of developer Telltale Games shutting its doors for good. The knock-on effect of this action is that the games they produced are being removed from sale and download completely — the latest instance of this being Minecraft: Story Mode.

As the Minecraft site made clear at the end of last month, the games will no longer be supported after June 25th, 2019. This means that if you haven't yet downloaded these games to your PC, console or mobile device, you will not be able to do so after a week today.

There were two seasons of Minecraft: Story Mode released on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, and iOS, and access to download episodes of these will be blocked once the games are removed. As such, you need to get moving and download any episodes you haven't already.

While the games have been taken off sale across almost every format, in a bizarre twist, anyone who hasn't purchased them can still get them on the Xbox 360. The catch? Each episode costs £64.99. The reason for this is that the Xbox 360 platform won't let Microsoft remove the games from sale without also blocking people who have legitimately bought them from downloading them. To discourage people from buying them, Microsoft has deliberately inflated the price — something the Minecraft Facebook page is warning people will be legally binding if customers purchase them. So, make sure you get your episodes downloaded before the end of next Tuesday if you haven't already, and if you want to fork out £520 for the first season and £325 for the second season on the Xbox 360... well, that option is there too.

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Rob Kershaw

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