Xbox FPS Boost Comes To 70 More Games Today

May 3, 2021

Microsoft added its ‘FPS Boost’ support to 70 new games. Announced on Monday, the extensive list of games will receive a range of improvements on both Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Many of the games will now run with a doubled frame-rate, both from 30fps to 60fps and even from 60fps to 120fps. The impressive technology could alter experiences with so many games from previous generations that are currently locked to 30fps.

The list ranges from big-budget AAA titles to smaller indie games. Far Cry 5, Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs 2 and even Untitled Goose Game have all been given the treatment, alongside a whole host of other titles.

At present there are 97 titles with ‘FPS Boost’ enabled on Xbox, with the new additions joining a raft of Bethesda games that were given the treatment back in March and 12 EA titles (including Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II) that were announced late last month.

‘FPS Boost’ is enabled on a game by game basis and can be toggled via the Compatibility Options in the Manage Game Add-Ons page for each game. Microsoft warns that some games could take a hit when it comes to resolution, hence the toggle, but the boost in performance will be available immediately for some games.

The full list of games can be found alongside the announcement on Major Nelson’s Blog.

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