Wild West Point-And-Click Rosewater Has a New Trailer

December 7, 2023


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Grundislav Games, developer of the excellent Lamplight City will return in 2024 with another alternate history point-and-click: Rosewater. Playing as Harley Leger, the leader of a posse of five other characters, you'll travel the fictional world of Vespuccia in search of a missing treasure trove. Each member of your gang - including a tracker and a physician - has abilities which you can utilise to solve problems and progress the story.

The fully voiced game will feature an incredible voice cast including Cam Clarke (TMNT, Metal Gear Solid) Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2) Cissy Jones (Firewatch) and Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead Season 1).

A new trailer has been released and to say we're excited about playing Rosewater would be an understatement:

We're certainly intrigued about how each character's skills will be utilised; the trailer suggests that there will be multiple paths through the game depending on your actions, which will be a rarity for this type of point-and-click. It seems like there are plenty of period-appropriate puzzles to solve, too. Players of Lamplight City will know that it was a very accessible game which focused on story and atmosphere rather than overloading it with rock hard challenges — whether the same is true of Rosewater remains to be seen.

With beautiful animation, an interesting premise, and text for English, Spanish and German, we're looking forward to getting our hands on this next year.

Rosewater will be released in 2024.

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