Well, Halo There! Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Now Free For All Players on Steam and Xbox Game Pass

November 16, 2021
Also on: Xbox Series
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Also on:
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I don’t know about you, but as you get older it’s quite fun to give yourself a birthday present just because. By the looks of it, then, myself and Xbox have more than just a console in common because as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations, they’ve decided to launch the free-to-play multiplayer component of Halo: Infinite. No waiting around, no need to purchase a pre-order or a special edition.

Right now, whether you're playing on console or PC you can go to your respective storefront, be it Steam or directly via Microsoft you can download it right now or if you’re feeling really modern, via the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate.

So grab your weapon of choice, Spartan, and head on out to the battlefield to start your new legacy.

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Pete Taylor

A long time gamer since the days of the mighty ZX Spectrum +2. The bug really bit when I got a Sega Mega Drive 2 and it hasn’t let up since. Huge racing fan but I also enjoy losing myself in a well-told RPG and management sims. It doesn’t have to be good-looking to win my heart, it’s what’s deep down inside that matters.