Walk the Line Between Darkness and Light in Graywalkers: Purgatory

January 8, 2018

It has been a long journey for Graywalkers: Purgatory by indie developers Dreamlords Digital. Since its successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, the developers have been improving and honing all aspects of the game and it is now nearly ready to launch into Early Access on Steam. The developers define the Graywalkers: Purgatory as an emergent, strategic, and tactical turn-based role-playing game set in a stylish supernatural post-apocalyptic world and it is set to be the first in a series of games. It has been inspired by tactical games such as X-COM, strategic elements of Jagged Alliance and RPG elements of games such as Fallout and Wasteland.

graywalkers 2

In the World of Graywalkers: Purgatory, Heaven and Hell have collided in what is known as The Rapture. Players join the story on the new island of Purgatory that has been made up of displaced land masses from all over the world that have merged together. There is a war raging between Angels, Demons and Man and it is your duty, as one of the fabled Graywalkers, to protect mankind. The Graywalkers are humans, or demonic/angelic halfbreeds, who have been deemed worthy by Fate and have unique gifts and abilities which can be utilised in many ways to save the world from Evil.

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The game is full of lots of great features fitting one that bridges so many genres. For starters, it has three game modes – campaign, mission-based skirmishes and multiplayer, extensive character customization allowing you to choose from six playable races (more to be added in future DLCs) and ten character paths (classes) to choose from, the chance to recruit and command 40+ NPCs all with their own paths and abilities, and the option to align with various factions all of which have their own agenda and ideal end games. Of course, not all features will be available during Early Access but, no matter what happens, there is going to be a lot to go on for quite some time.

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There is currently no confirmed date as to when Graywalkers: Purgatorywill be released in Early Access but if you can’t wait to give it a go, there is a downloadable demo available from the game’s website. Initially, the game will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux but there are plans to port the game to various consoles and mobile devices. We’ll let you know release dates and details once we’ve been informed.

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