TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset - Budget Price, Premium Build

August 31, 2021
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Gioteck has been releasing stylish gaming peripherals for over a decade now, establishing itself as a company offering well-built, affordable kit. The TX70 is its latest set of headphones which aims to appeal to a broad gaming market, given they are compatible with PS4, Mac and PC in wireless form, and Xbox One and Switch in wired form. Despite a lack of marketing confirming it (because it was released b), it rts PS5 consoles wirelessly as well, and Xbox Series, like its predecessor, is also supported as a wired set with the included jack.

These last two points will undoubtedly be a plus for those wanting wireless headphones for the latest generation. This unit was tested on both PC and PS5.

Box Contents

The TX70 comes with a wireless dongle, charging cable, instruction manual, and 3.5mm cable to convert it into a wired headset when plugged into a controller or PC. 


The headset looks sleek with a matt finish, easily adjustable headband and discreet buttons built into the left cup. The volume, power and EQ buttons (delivering a bass boost) are activated with a solid click. Each cup can be rotated 90 degrees in one direction. The microphone is especially satisfying, since it folds back into the left cup discreetly — there’ll be no losing detachable mics down the back of the sofa here! 

Charging is done via a micro USB cable and will pulse a satisfying light blue when being charged. A faster blinking light will inform you that the headset is low on battery, and a solid light indicates it’s charged and ready to use. It’ll take about three hours for a full charge; not great, but certainly not awful. 

Sure, it may feel lightweight and a little plasticky compared to the big hitters, but when laid against the price tag the result is a headset which can hold its own build-wise against one twice the price.  

Sound, Range and Microphone

Connectivity for the TX70 is simple and with surprising range. I was able to listen to my PC a  floor down and two rooms away before the 2.4GHz RF connection started to judder. Getting them to work on the PS5 was as easy as plugging in the wireless dongle and switching on the cans. 

The 50mm drivers provide respectable audio for the price. The audio frequency has a good balance between bass, mid and treble, although if you want to overcompensate on the bass then the EQ (Bass Boost) feature will certainly hit that spot. It might be good for more explosion-heavy games like the Call of Duty series but I got more overall enjoyment from switching it off. 

The microphone is also decent — a tone sounds when you pull it down and return it (similar to powering the headset off and on), and the omnidirectional sensitivity is fine. Friends reported a little seepage from background noise, but nothing serious. 

It’s worth remembering that this is not top-of-the-range kit. They aren’t noise-cancelling, so if someone is vacuuming in the background, don’t expect it not to interfere with play. But for most situations, I had no issues. In fact, they replaced in-ear buds for general music listening outside of gaming, which is worthy praise from a lifelong wired streamer.


The headband and cups are well padded with comfortable foam and cloth, rather than the sweat-inducing uPVC coating that some manufacturers opt for. For me, I find that while cloth might not look as premium, I’d take comfort over style when it comes to long gaming sessions. 

For that reason, I’m a bit perplexed why Gioteck opted to make the cups diamond-shaped. Here, the comfort level takes a hit. The headphones just about fit over the ears, but the odd shape causes more pressure than a standard circular or oval design. Consequently, I think I managed around two and a half hours of gameplay before having to take a break. These definitely aren’t an accessory for the long-haul. That said, their relatively light weight meant that even towards the end of my session I wasn’t in pain, just mild discomfort. 


The TX70 is a great mid-range headset for gamers wanting quality sound without breaking the bank. It’s comfortable for short to medium bursts of play, while the sleek design, enhanced bass option and discreet built-in microphone elevate it above the competition. Compatibility across multiple formats is the icing on the cake.

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