Thirsty Suitors Sounds Incredibly Unique | The Game Awards 2021

December 13, 2021
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Thirsty Suitors was one of the most stylish new games revealed during The Game Awards 2021. The new title from developer Outerloop Games and publisher Annapurna Interactive is also one of the most original-sounding games I’ve ever seen.

A story-driven adventure game, Thirsty Suitors gives off more than a hint of Scott Pilgrim as protagonist Jala must confront her own mistakes, reconcile with her exes, all whilst cooking, skateboarding and ultimately trying to make her parents happy. No easy task at all.

Brightly coloured and bursting with personality even in this short reveal, the new game from the team behind inventive VR title Falcon Age will have a lot going on. 

Combat will consist of over the top, turn-based action which will also incorporate “a unique mood system” which will allow players to take advantage of enemy vulnerabilities. Said enemies will range from simple skate punks right through to Jala’s exes. Skateboarding will also play a big part in Thirsty Suitors, with Jala able to traverse the game’s world of Timber Hills using a variety of tricks whilst undertaking different challenges. There’s also a cooking mechanic, which tasks Jala with impressing her mother with her takes on classic South Asian cuisine. 

No release date has yet been announced, but Thirsty Suitors is coming soon. You can read more about the game here.

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