The New ONRUSH Trailer Looks Utterly Nuts

February 20, 2018
Also on: Xbox One

It's not out for another four months, but ONRUSH shows no sign of slowing down, as the latest trailer from Codemasters and Koch Media released today demonstrates. Like an amalgamation of every action film's car chase scene amped up to the max, vehicles flip, roar and smash into pieces at breakneck pace.


There are eight different vehicles available to pick from, each of which has its own RUSH state, which could prove to be the turning point on the track.

Of course, no new AAA title would be complete without some variation on the standard version, and ONRUSH is no different. A deluxe edition promises eight additional vehicle designs and artwork, though there has been no mention of whether these offer anything other than cosmetic differences. However, pre-ordering on Playstation 4 will grant access to the beta efore it officially opens to both Xbox One and PS4 users in May.

ONRUSH could be the Road Rash / Mad Max flavour of vehicular carnage we've been waiting for -- but we'll need to wait until June 5th to be sure.

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Rob Kershaw

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