The Launch Trailer for Metal Wolf Chaos XD Is a Straight-Up Cheesefest

August 6, 2019
Also on: PC, Xbox One

FromSoftware may be more well known for its work on the Souls series, but the Japanese developer has also released a few curveballs in its time. One of these oddities is Metal Wolf Chaos, a third-person mech shooter which came out in Japan to try and boost the popularity of the Xbox, which was struggling against the PlayStation 2 powerhouse.

The premise? You'll take on the role of President Michael Wilson to fend off a coup from evil Vice President Richard Hawk, who has mustered a battalion of mechs to try and take over the White House (and the US in general).

That's pretty much it — you won't need to think too much, just enjoy this ridiculous trailer:

Fifteen years on, a new remastered version is hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today and includes 4K support, improved visuals, better controls and a save system. If you're looking for actual gameplay, you'll want this trailer too. HOOAH!

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Rob Kershaw

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