The Jump Chat Roll Podcast - Episode 4 - Addiction

November 5, 2019
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Jump Chat Roll is the comedy gaming podcast where Rob and Shaun take a weekly irreverent look at some of the bigger topics in gaming, waving their opinions about and hopefully entertaining you as much as they entertain themselves.

In the fourth episode of Jump Chat Roll, we take a look at video game addiction. Now that the World Health Organisation has classified "gaming disorder" as an official illness (while some medical professionals disagree with the label), we wanted to dig into some of the aspects of gaming addiction - including our own experiences. Could that time on Team Fortress have been spent in more fruitful ways? Is gamifying our work — as Amazon is doing — actually damaging the health of workers? And are Peggle and Candy Crush Saga really that different? (Spoiler: yes, without question).

As always, there's feisty language, dark humour and maybe even some serious points about gaming. Maybe.

If you would like further information or assistance about video game addiction, please visit the below resources:

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Shaun McHugh

In the winter of 1998, my father made a terrible mistake. He bought me a gift that would forever change my life. That gift? The DMG-01 Nintendo GameBoy. Since then, life has been a blur of consoles, gaming rigs, and modding it till it breaks.