The Jump Chat Roll Podcast - Episode 3 - Violence

October 29, 2019

Jump Chat Roll is the comedy gaming podcast where Rob and Shaun take a weekly irreverent look at some of the bigger topics in gaming, waving their opinions about and hopefully entertaining you as much as they entertain themselves.

In the third episode of Jump Chat Roll, we take a look at violence in video games. An often controversial topic, violence is a predominant feature in a vast number of video games and it is often made the scapegoat for real world events, despite an almost complete absence of scientific evidence to support that view. We discuss the various types of violence in gaming, how important agency is in its depiction, and whether Streets of Rage and Tetris are basically the same game.

Strap in for feisty language, plenty of laughs and maybe even some serious points about gaming. Maybe.

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Rob Kershaw

I've been gaming since the days of the Amstrad. Huge RPG fan. Planescape: Torment tops my list, but if a game tells a good story, I'm interested. Absolutely not a fanboy of any specific console or PC - the proof is in the gaming pudding. Also, I like cake.