The Game Awards 2018: 7 Biggest Reveals

December 7, 2018

Alongside the list of worthy winners, this year's Game Awards was also filled with exciting debuts, trailers, announcements and surprises. Here's our pick of the night's best reveals.

The Outer Worlds (Obsidian)

Now that Microsoft has bought Obsidian, we were expecting something interesting to appear in the Game Awards after Obsidian announced a new game would be revealed. What we weren't expecting was The Outer Worlds which — as one JDR writer put it — looks like Borderlands: New Vegas. And after watching the trailer a few times, we're inclined to agree. It's full of sass, farce and guns, as well as some RPG goodness which isn't really touched upon much in this video but is promised to exist. This could be very, very good indeed.

Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises (BioWare)

No, not the actual title as far as we're aware, but still — actual proof that Dragon Age is alive and well at BioWare. Other than the voice of (presumably) Solas on the teaser there's very little to go on, so we can expect the next chapter in the series to be at least a couple of years away from release. Even so, a new Dragon Age will be very welcome... as long as it's more like Inquisition, and less like the second game.

Epic launches a competitor to Steam — and releases Ashen on it

Ashen has been in the works since 2014, but even with that lengthy development time no-one was expecting the double-whammy of a release announcement for the game and the reveal of Epic's new storefront. As well as the Souls-like Ashen (by Annapurna Interactive who published the excellent Gorogoa, Florence and What Remains of Edith Finch), Epic has come out fighting with its Steam competitor: you can pick up Darksiders 3, Super Meat Boy, Hades (below) and for the first time on PC, Journey. Valve may not be too worried yet but with Epic's weight in the industry, that may soon change.


Hades (Supergiant Games)

The creators of BastionTransistor and the bizarre RPG/basketball mash-up Pyre is back with another action RPG in the mold of their second game. Hades looks like a colourful, tongue-in-cheek affair, with the developer's trademark art style.

Far Cry: New Dawn (Ubisoft)

The next entry in the open-world series also got aired yesterday, and New Dawn looks like a post-apocalyptic sequel to Far Cry 5, after the detonation of a nuke. But Hope County looks far more colourful and tongue-in-cheek than before, with a range of weaponry that looks like it's been built from pieces of scrap to give a more improvised feel. It's out on February 15th, 2019.


Sayonara Wild Hearts (Simogo)

A self-proclaimed "Pop Album Video Game", Sayonara Wild Hearts is a loopy Nintendo Switch exclusive from Simogo (of Year Walk and Device 6 fame), featuring dance-offs, motorcycles, swords and lasers, all set to what looks to be a music video aesthetic. We have absolutely no idea what's going on, but have the utmost faith in the quirky developer to make it yet another portable hit.


Psychonauts 2 
(Double Fine)

The first trailer for Double Fine's brain-boggling adventure sequel got aired at the Game Awards, and it's come a long way since the original, at least graphically. Expect lots of bonkers bosses and crazy worlds to explore in 2019.

Are you excited about any of the other announcements from the Game Awards? Let us know in the comments!

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