Test Your Chess Expertise with Oldage

January 10, 2018

There are not many things as competitive and as serious as a Chess grudge match. It is one of the original strategy games and is played by millions worldwide but sometimes things need to be reimagined and this is exactly what indie developer Ed Farage has done. His Chess inspired game Oldage mixes the complexities of the old favourite with unique characters and setting. The game is currently available on Steam and, best of all, it is free to play!

oldage 1

To play the game, you must play online with others and gradually work your way up the ranks to get the best army you can. There are currently 5 levels –student, scholar, senior, sovereign, and scarlet. There are prizes for levelling up as well as coin rewards being in the Top 10 every fifth day. At the moment, there are 10 different units (some come free with the game) each with their own skills as well as movement pattern. There are very little controls once you get into a match which makes Oldage easy to learn but, with any kind of strategy game, it is hard to master.

oldage 3

Oldage has been out since October 2017 and has been getting some great positive reviews on Steam with many applauding the thought and creativity that has gone into the game. Even if a player has a negative point about the game, the developer is extremely responsive and happy to receive suggestions. This is refreshing to see.

As I’ve said previously, the game is currently free on Steam but there is a DLC available for a small price which contains skins and other unit types to bolster your army. Why don’t you head on over and give Oldage a try!?

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Emma Spalding

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