Take to the Skies as Bomber Crew Heads to Consoles

June 12, 2018
Also on: PS4, Xbox One

When Bomber Crew, a simulator strategy game based on bomber planes, was released on PC in October 2017, it reached $1 million sales in its first two weeks on that platform along. Today, Brighton-based studio Runner Duck Games announced that Bomber Crew is now ready to launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on July 10th, 2018.

In Bomber Crew you get the opportunity to recruit and train your very own World War 2 flight team before setting off on bombing missions over enemy territory. Your crewmembers only have one life though so you need to carefully plan and prepare for each dangerous mission to avoid unnecessary danger. You need to be prepared for such tactics as dodging flak fire, aerial dogfights, negotiating adverse weather conditions and a whole lot more.

As well as releasing on consoles, this launch of Bomber Crew comes equipped with the DLC pack "Secret Weapons" which sees players taking to the skies during the WWII “Big Week” in the winter of 1944. Also called Operation Argument, "Big Week" was a series of bombing runs made by allied troops on opposing forces during February 1944. In the game, this DLC brings with it new treacherous weather conditions to fly in, new enemy fighters to confront, and changes to your airbase to cope with the wintery weather. Also in this release, console players will have access to the Bomber Crew Season Pass which contains all current DLC packs and will also allow access to an as yet unnamed DLC.

And that isn't all! Even though this update is very much focused on console releases, there will be an update to the PC version. Existing players will now be able to play in the all-new Infinite Mode and will be able to compete against others with new leaderboards. This will go live on July 10th as well.

There is currently no news on how much the console release will cost so keep an eye on the online stores. Chocks away, chaps!

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