Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Debuts at EA Play

June 19, 2020
Also on: PS4, Xbox One

Star Wars: Squadrons received its first gameplay reveal during Thursday’s EA Play Live presentation (Friday in the UK), having been officially announced with a debut trailer (following several leaks) on Monday.

A pure space-dogfighting game — the likes of which players haven’t seen since the Rogue Squadron games from the early 2000s — Squadrons looks to capture the feeling of taking part in these huge space battles within the Star Wars universe. What’s more, the game looks gorgeous, with beautiful, colourful, and expansive space arenas sprawl out in front of your highly detailed cockpit. The game unequivocally sounds like Star Wars too, which is equally important. Given that EA Motive previously worked on the incredible looking / sounding Battlefront games, that should come as no surprise.

The game’s campaign will see players step into the flight suits of pilots on both sides of the battle, switching between the two in a story set not long after the events of Return of the Jedi. Players will play as Teresa Kerill on the Empire side, whilst Lindon Javes leads the way for the Resistance, as confirmed by Squadrons writer Mitch Dyer on Twitter. Dyer will co-write the story with Joanna Berry and Walt Williams. Dyer and Williams previously wrote the campaign for Star Wars: Battlefront II. 

On the multiplayer front, players will squad up in a squadron of five players, choosing from a set of eight ships across four classes and playing through phase-based ‘Fleet Battles’ or more traditionally chaotic deathmatches in ‘Dogfights’. Teamwork will make the dream work in this one, with each class specialising in a different form of attack. It seems like you’ll need to bring balance to your team, as well as the force, to succeed (sorry). 

Fighters are the most “flexible and versatile” ships offering a good all-round option, Interceptors are all about speed and ideal for tracking down opponents, Support ships will naturally provide supplies for other players whilst still being pretty capable, Bombers bring in the heavy stuff and will help quickly destroy larger targets.

This all exists within the Star Wars universe, but players will have the ability to make it their own with plenty of custom loadout options, ship customisation and player customisation. Importantly, all of this will be earned in-game.

Star Wars: Squadrons is also fully playable — campaign and multiplayer — in VR on PC and PlayStation 4 to give players increased immersion when they’re in the cockpit. This too was confirmed in the new trailer. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release on October 2nd 2020 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Both the PC and PS4 versions of the game will also have VR support. Interestingly the game will also be a budget title, releasing at just £34.99 (RRP) in the UK and $39.99 in the US.

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