Sony Reveals New DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

April 7, 2020

PlayStation has a new controller in town — the DualSense. Our first official look at any PlayStation 5 hardware, the DualSense wireless controller was revealed on the PlayStation Blog on Tuesday. 

Drawing from the foundations laid by the DualShock 4 controller and from “discussions with developers”, the DualSense is designed to “heighten [the] feeling of immersion” in games. However, that won’t be the first thing you’ll notice. That would be the design and colour scheme. 

Two-tone colour scheme — a white main body accented with black — aside, the controller doesn’t stray too far from what have in our hands at the moment, but the design changes have been made to make the controller feel better, whilst accommodating new technical features, increasing the battery life and keeping the kit feeling good in your hands.

It’s striking two-tone design could also point towards a new look for PlayStation as a whole and with Jim Ryan, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, saying they’ll have more to share about the design of the box itself “in the coming months”, it sounds like we won’t have to wait too long.

Now, about those new features...

Haptic feedback is a big feature of the controller and was previously revealed in the initial PlayStation 5 discussion in WIRED back in October last year. The haptic feedback will add “a variety of powerful sensations” and will accurately interpret feelings such as a car driving through mud. Adaptive L2 and R2 triggers are another new feature which will allow players to feel details such as “drawing a bow to shoot an arrow”.

The ‘Share’ button from the DualShock 4 has been removed. In its place, the “Create” button. The Create button sounds like it will serve a very similar purpose as the button it’s replacing, although it appears that the creation features within the console will no longer be limited to sharing clips and screenshots online.

A microphone has also been added to the controller, allowing for easier access to online voice chat without the need for a headset. However, a headset is still recommended. 

Sony says its aim with the DualSense is to create a controller that, for every player, is “an extension of themselves”. PR speak aside, the list of features is solid. Whilst not mind-blowing by any means, an improved ergonomic design and a handful of incremental improvements could make this a new favourite for PlayStation fans.

For more details, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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