Sony PlayStation 4 sells 5.9 million units during the 2017 holidays - that's 73.6 million total worldwide

January 9, 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment have revealed that during the 2017 holiday season the PlayStation 4 and much surrounding it managed some stunning sales numbers.

The console itself sold 5.9 million units in the holiday run-up, totalling 73.6 worldwide to date. Which is a massive number - there's a long way to go to become the biggest-selling console ever though, an honour currently held by Sony's own PlayStation 2 with more than 155 million units sold (an actual figure is unavailable as Sony stopped releasing numbers from 2012).

55.9 million games were sold and that means in the console's lifetime 645 million games have been bought physically or via download. Add to that the current 31.5 million PS Plus subscribers according to John Kodera, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and we have some massive numbers.

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