Serious Sam 4 Gets a Story Trailer and Behind the Scenes Footage

September 23, 2020

Serious Sam 4, which launches on September 24th on Steam and Google Stadia, has a new trailer showcasing the game’s story.

The latest entry into the Serious Sam franchise is a prequel that promises to deliver just as much circle-strafing and backpedal-blasting as the original three games.

If that wasn't enough, Croteam has also released footage from behind the scenes of the game:

We're pumped for this one - check back with Jump Dash Roll for more coverage on the game!

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Derek Johnson

Somebody once told me the world was going to roll me, and they were right. I love games that let me take good-looking screenshots and ones that make me depressed, so long as the game doesn't overstay its welcome.