Sea of Thieves Launches Next Week

March 15, 2018
Xbox One
Also on: PC

Microsoft have struggled with the current generation of consoles and whilst the new Xbox One X is an excellent piece of engineering, the gulf between Microsoft and Sony sales-wise shows no sign of changing, at least for this console cycle. Initially Microsoft's focus was all types of wrong during their initial E3 reveal and they've been playing catch up ever since. One of the core issues that continues to haunt Microsoft to this day is system sellers, or as they are more commonly known: exclusives. The X is a fantastic bit of hardware but at launch you would receive a resolution bump over the PS4 Pro on a 4K TV if you were playing third party titles but that was about it - a great bit of kit, but for £400 that's not a system seller to a PS4 Pro owner.

Enter Sea of Thieves, arguably the biggest exclusive that Microsoft have this year - brought to us by the incredible Rare studio famous for the likes of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark; there is a lot riding on this one.

Check out this new trailer that clues us in on everything we need to know about Sea of Thieves ahead of launch.


Looks cool, right? Fingers crossed it lives up to expectations. The team here at Jump Dash Roll will be taking a look under Microsoft's new Netflix-style service, Game Pass, and will be posting our thoughts.

Finally before we go, here is the launch trailer.

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