RIG PRO Series of Gaming Headsets Launches Today

October 4, 2022
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NACON today announced that the RIG PRO series of gaming headsets will be launched across Europe today for console and PC gamers. The series comprises eight new models over three ranges: RIG 300 PRO, RIG 500 PRO and RIG 800 PRO.

The 300 PRO is the budget entry with 40mm drivers which is comfortable, ultralight and with oversized earcups. It's available for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch for €29.99.

The 500 PRO adds a flexible steel headband and 50mm drivers, and comes prepped for games with 3D sound. It also comes with a 2-year activation code for Dolby Atmos. The HC GEN 2 is available for consoles, while the HA GEN 2 is aimed at the PC market and comes with a Y-splitter cable for soundcards. Both models work across all platforms, and both cost €79.99.

Finally, the 800 PRO is the top end model which offers a wireless headset, base station for charging and storage, a wireless USB adapter that can be plugged into a console, PC or laptop, and a whopping 24 hours of battery life. The 800 PRO HS is the PlayStation model, while the 800 PRO HX is for Xbox and 800 PRO HD is for PC. They all come with a lifetime licence for Dolby Atmos, and all cost €199.99.

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