Returnal is the Next New IP from PlayStation Studios, Housemarque

June 12, 2020

Returnal, a new game from Finnish developer Housemarque, was debuted during the PlayStation 5 reveal event on Thursday. What’s more, it was announced to be a PlayStation Studios title.

Combining action and rogue-like gameplay, per the official announcement, Returnal is a third-person shooter where players will fight to survive on a hostile planet. The twist? The planet changes every time you die.

That’s certainly an intriguing proposition. What’s more, it appears that Housemarque are all hands on deck when it comes to this new title. The studio that declared “arcade is dead” in 2017 had been working on another title, Stormdivers, but announced that the project was on hold in January (per Eurogamer) having already switched focus to AAA in December 2018. Returnal appears to be that AAA title.

That Returnal is an exclusive title is not too surprising given Housemarque’s existing relationship with PlayStation, and although the developer has produced games for other consoles, Returnal being put under the PlayStation Studios banner certainly raises the question of whether Housemarque is being lined up to become a first party studio. 

Speculation aside, Returnal’s dark, horror and sci-fi combination offers something that no other PlayStation Studios title does. A big budget rogue-like is also an interesting proposition. Unfortunately, with no release date or window announced, we don’t know when we’ll be getting to play it.

What do you make of Returnal? Let us know in the comments.

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