Returnal 1.3.4 Patch Replaces Patch 1.3.3 — Some Saves Cannot Be Restored

May 6, 2021

Returnal developer Housemarque has reissued a patch that caused some players to have their save data corrupted yesterday. Patch 1.3.4 is available now, but the developer has noted that some save files will be unable to be restored.

Per TheSixthAxis, Patch 1.3.3 had caused a number of players to report save data issues yesterday. The updated patch should now allow players to play the game as normal, however the situation regarding saves is unclear — some players will be able to resume normally with others not having the same luck.

Naturally, this could be a very bitter pill to swallow for players who have put hours into the new roguelike only to have their saves rendered useless.

Housemarque detailed four scenarios in a post on their website on Thursday:

  • Some game saves will have become corrupted with Patch 1.3.3, but maintained their file size. Players with those save games are able to safely continue their progress after installing Patch 1.3.4, without the need for using a backed up save game.
  • Unfortunately other save games will have been effectively "deleted" by Patch 1.3.3, with their file size reducing to 0KB. These save games are not directly salvageable by Patch 1.3.4, without a backup save game available.
  • In those cases, please try using a backed up save from PS+ if available, after installing Patch 1.3.4. With an intact save game from PS+, players can safely restore and continue playing with Patch 1.3.4 installed.
  • Depending on the console settings, the cloud save may have been overwritten by the "deleted" save game noted above. If this is the case, progress will remain unsalvageable, even with Patch 1.3.4

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