Rainbow Six: Quarantine is now Rainbow Six: Extraction And We Have A New Trailer

June 7, 2021

The game formerly known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine is now Rainbow Six: Extraction. Announced on Monday by Ubisoft with a new trailer (below), players must assemble a team of operators to fight “an ever evolving threat”. 

Talked about as a “modern, tactical co-op shooter” by creative director Patrick Methé, Extraction will see players coming face to face with a parasitic enemy described as “an always evolving alien threat” with the main goal of making sure that nobody gets left behind.

“As you will soon discover, extraction is truly the name of the game,” continues Methé, suggesting that pushing on and fighting this alien threat is not going to be easy for your squad.

How big that squad — or indeed the parasite — will be is still unclear, but we’ll get to see more from Rainbow Six: Extraction on Saturday June 12th at 8pm GMT / 12pm PT during Ubisoft’s latest ‘Ubisoft Forward’ presentation.

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Ant Barlow

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