Quantic Dream Confirms Spring 2018 Release for Detroit: Become Human

January 26, 2018

Anyone who was fearing another delay of the hotly anticipated Detroit: Become Human no longer need worry. Quantic Dream have confirmed on Twitter that the title will indeed be released in spring this year:

Of course, spring officially runs until the end of June 20th, so we may still be looking at another five months before it hits shelves. This is assuming that the studio, whose founder David Cage has been hit with accusations of tolerating a sexist, racist and homophobic workplace, doesn't suffer any further revelations or setbacks. 

Executives last week denied all of these accusations. How this ongoing saga will affect the final product remains to be seen, but the studio certainly needs the game to be a success after pouring 30 million Euros into it, and receiving a lacklustre response to their previous title, Beyond: Two Souls.

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Rob Kershaw

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