PlayStation Transforms London's Oxford Circus Tube Station for PlayStation 5 Launch

November 18, 2020

Sony announced today that they’ve partnered with Transport for London to transform various visual parts of London’s Oxford Circus Tube station for the length of November 19 and 20 to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5.

According to a press release, the Tube roundels on the walls of the Bakerloo, Victoria, and Central line platforms, as well as the four entrances/exits of the Oxford Circus station, will all be visually redesigned to feature the four iconic PlayStation shapes.

In addition, four other stations across London will have graphics from some of Sony’s greatest hits until December 16. The Mile End station will have visuals from Marvels Spider-man: Miles Morales, Lancaster Gate will have some from Rachet and Clank, Seven Sisters will have images from Gran Turismo 7, and the West Ham station will have designs from Horizon Forbidden Dawn. 

“The launch of the PlayStation 5 marks another defining moment in the history of the brand,” said Warwick Light, vice president at PlayStation UK. “We wanted to make the UK launch an unmissable event and celebrate it in a playful way with our fans by bringing together a British icon, the London Underground sign, with the iconic PlayStation shapes. Similarly, we’re thrilled to be able to bring some of our most loved franchises to stations across London and truly celebrate the latest additions to these fan favourites.”

All of this is certainly an interesting way to celebrate the launch of a new console, which Jump Dash Roll is still working to review, but what are your thoughts on it? Tell us below!

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