PlayStation Reveals "Next-Gen VR" Controllers

March 18, 2021
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PlayStation has revealed more details on its “next-gen VR” controllers. In a post on the PlayStation Blog on Thursday, the company shared more details on features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and finger touch detection, whilst giving us a first-look at the hardware itself.

The information comes from Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation’s Senior Vice President of Platform and Planning Management. In his post Noshino details not only the look and feel of the controller, but also its core features, two of which also feature in the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller — haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Each controller (they appear to come in pairs) will feature an adaptive trigger similar to the L2 and R2 buttons on a Dualsense controller, which will perform in a similar way. Haptic feedback also makes its way over from the PS5’s new controller with the desired effect to make “every sensation in the world more impactful, textured and nuanced” and allowing players to “feel the difference” alongside what Nishino makes out to be a significant visual upgrade.

In addition to features already familiar to PS5 owners, the “next-gen VR” controller will also be able to detect a player’s fingers during gameplay allowing for “more natural” motions to be performed in game. The tracking of the controller has also been improved courtesy of a tracking ring placed at the bottom of the controller.

Finally, the controller will also feature PlayStation’s traditional face buttons split between the two as well as a single analog stick on each unit. R1, for example, will be treated as a universal “grip button” that can be used to pick up objects in game.

As for the design, PlayStation have gone for a rounded “orb” look. Designed with “ergonomics in mind,” the controller is designed to be held more naturally to give players a “higher degree of freedom”. All of this makes the controller appear more in-line with those used with the higher end Valve Index or Oculus headsets as opposed to the generation-old tech PlayStation utlised with itsfirst crack at virtual reality.

With this reveal, PlayStation has given players a further glimpse into the company’s VR future. And, in showing off some of the hardware, this could suggest that “next-gen VR” is much closer than we originally thought. Still, don’t expect anything before 2022...

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