No Suicide Squad, Hogwarts Legacy OR Gotham Knights at E3 2021

June 9, 2021
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Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad won’t be at E3, with Back4Blood the only game on the current Warner Bros. slate to make an appearance. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson speaking to TechRadar on Tuesday. 

Whilst it’s not entirely surprising — and we shouldn’t rule out seeing them at some point during the annual video game circus of the summer — much of Warner Bros.’ slate of releases has been delayed and there’s also the impact of the global pandemic and the impending threat of studios being sold off to consider as well.

Both Gotham Knights and Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy were due to release in 2021 and have since been pushed to next year alongside Suicide Squad — although I wouldn’t rule out a delay for that one either. The one surviving Warner game at E3, Back4Blood has also been delayed but is still set to release on October 12th.

Developed by Turtle Rock, Back4Blood pits four players in a variety of scenarios against a horde of bloodthirsty creatures in a bid to survive. Turtle Rock rose to fame as the developer of Left4Dead, which is why this one might sound familiar but, crucially, not the same.

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