No Man's Sky - Frontiers Update Released Along With New Trailer

September 2, 2021
Also on: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Step into No Man’s Sky today and, unless you were there in the beginning, there’s no evidence at all of Hello Games’ space exploration game’s rocky start. It was the poster child of overpromising and underdelivering with many features and capabilities completely absent when the game launched. However, unlike many games that have trod similar paths, No Man’s Sky has risen like a phoenix from the ashes over the last five years. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that every single one of the now seventeen updates has been done without any paid DLC or microtransactions of any kind.

Frontiers is the aforementioned seventeenth update since launch, which brings in several new features as well as some visual improvements to boot. Probably the most exciting is the ability to become the overseer of settlements. Doing so allows you to build new structures, name the place and settle disputes amongst other tasks. Base building has also been tweaked with a new grid system with some new parts as well to coincide with the introduction of settlements. 

There’s heaps more added as well and if you’d like to know more check out this launch trailer:

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Pete Taylor

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