Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced

July 8, 2021

Nintendo has officially revealed a new Nintendo Switch - the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. As the name suggests, this is a Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen. And that’s about it.

Released on October 8th, this new model is not the new Nintendo Switch many had hoped for or expected. The design and internals of the console are very much the same: A slightly larger 7-inch OLED (of course) screen, increased internal storage (64GB), enhanced speakers, and a wider, adjustable kickstand round out the new features in what appears to be a very minimal, lateral, upgrade for Nintendo.

The console’s resolution remains locked to 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode, but there’s no word at the time of writing whether there has been any change to the chipset. The handheld itself also looks identical. Whilst this means that existing Switch docks and accessories will work with the console, it lends even more weight to this feeling more akin to a basic hardware revision than the next big thing from Nintendo.

The console will launch on October 8th for $349.99 - UK pricing has yet to be confirmed - which is a $50 upgrade over the current Switch model, and will be available in the new white colourway, as well as the traditional Nintendo ‘neon’.

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