New Gundam Breaker Postponed for PC

June 8, 2018
Also on: PS4

Sad news came out of the Bandai Namco offices today. They have announced that the awaited release of New Gundam Breaker for PC needs to be postponed. Originally it was scheduled to release on 22nd June but the date is being pushed back to a later date in Summer 2018. While exact details as to why this needs to happen haven't been disclosed yet, what we do know is that further enhancements need to be done to provide players with the best experience possible. This announcement only affects the PC release, the PS4 release will still go ahead as planned at the end of June.

If you didn't know already, anything from the Gundam universe features giant fighting mech suits. It has been a popular fandom since the 1980s and originates from Japan. In this new game from Bandai Namco, players get to create and build their own Gunpla models (Gundam plastic models) and then battle with them. As you fight, you can pick up pieces of your opponents armor and weaponry to save for later inclusion on your own model. New Gundam Breaker also allows players to form teams of up to 3 for an online competitive co-op mode which gives you the opportunity to break other players suits to gather materials for yourself.

Check out the teaser trailer below for a bit more of an idea of the game:

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