More Details Revealed About Next Gen Xbox's Improved Backwards Compatability

October 14, 2020

Microsoft revealed today how Xbox games that share backwards compatibility with the upcoming generation of Xbox consoles will be improved on the new platforms. 

In a press release, Microsoft detailed each of the 600-odd games from previous generations will all benefit from quality-of-life improvements like improved loading times and increased resolutions. 

However, more importantly, the entire catalogue will also have HDR enabled thanks to the Xbox’s hardware. This will result in every game, regardless of its age, looking noticeably better graphically. 

In addition, some games will run at 60 frames per second even if the original version ran at 30 frames per second. A handful of games will also have their graphics improved past the automatic HDR, with Microsoft developers manually increasing the graphical fidelity of those games prior to the console’s launch.

Best of all, you won’t need to rebuy the games to take advantage of all these improvements, but instead all you’ll need to do is insert a compatible disk and the console will take care of the rest.

This is all really cool, and it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft’s console stacks up against the PlayStation 5 when they both launch later this year. When there’s more news available for either, though, you can be sure to read about it here on Jump Dash Roll!

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Derek Johnson

Somebody once told me the world was going to roll me, and they were right. I love games that let me take good-looking screenshots and ones that make me depressed, so long as the game doesn't overstay its welcome.