Microsoft Launches an Xbox Cloud Gaming Service

September 17, 2020

Microsoft launched its cloud gaming service as part of the existing Xbox Game Pass subscription for gamers in 22 countries yesterday.

The service, which is included as part of the £7.99/month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, allows players to stream over 150 games to their PC, Xbox or Android mobile device and play them with only an internet connection.

According to a blog post by Corporate Vice President of Cloud Gaming at Microsoft, Kareem Choudhry, this new service will allow anyone to take advantage of the various parts of the ‘Xbox ecosystem’ including everything from achievements to multiplayer. 

The blog post also stated that players gaming on the cloud from their mobile devices will be able to play multiplayer seamlessly with players on Xbox, and players on PC provided that their desired game supports crossplay. Mobile players will need to connect a supported controller to their phone for most games, however, the post noted.

A press release by Microsoft did note that players do not need a controller if they want to play Minecraft Dungeons on their phones, and that the list of games available to stream through the cloud will be expanded regularly. 

A full list of titles available to play through the cloud is available on this blog post and a list of countries where players can take advantage of this immersive new technology is available here. 

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Derek Johnson

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