Metro Exodus Gets a New Story Trailer and Photo Mode

January 8, 2019

4A Games today released a new story trailer for Metro Exodus, the third entry in the acclaimed FPS series.

Main protagonist Artyom returns in a series of stunningly rendered environments as he moves out from the underground and across Moscow's frozen streets and the Caspian Desert's blistering sands. A year-long journey into the unknown will be perilous both for him, his wife Anna, and the rest of the Aurora crew as they traverse post-apocalyptic Russia and battle the very worst of humanity.

The game will also ship with photo mode on release day, one of the most requested features from the Metro community — unsurprising given just how damn pretty the game looks.

Series composer Alexey Omelchuk has created another fantastic orchestral score for Metro Exodus and this announcement is one of many due to be released before the full game goes live on February 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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