Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Out Now On PC and Consoles June 18th

May 8, 2021

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition was released this week on PC and will come to consoles on June 18th, Deep Silver and 4A Games have announced. Originally released in 2019, the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter has received a host of enhancements to take advantage of more powerful PC and console hardware.

The PC version — which is free to all players — adds additional ray tracing features, including advanced reflections and DLSS 2.0 support on NVIDIA hardware. Also boosted on NVIDIA-powered machines is the game’s global illumination tech. Naturally, the update will require a RT enhanced GPU to take advantage of the features.

Console players will receive a similar bump to performance on June 18th and, like the PC update, players will also receive this free of charge. 

Following the update the game will run at 60fps with full Ray Traced lighting on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and will feature “ground-breaking” global illumination and Ray Traced lighting techniques. Both new consoles will also benefit from “dramatically reduced” loading times, whilst the PS5 version adds support for the DualSense controller’s haptics.

Here’s what we thought of Metro Exodus back in 2019:

Metro Exodus confidently takes the franchise into ‘AAA’ territory with a tense, exciting, survival horror game that balances exciting action with methodical stealth and a stunning open world. Just remember: it’s not always the dark you should be afraid of.

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