Let's Build A Zoo Coming This Summer to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

April 27, 2021
Also on: PC, PS5, Xbox Series

What do you get when you cross a cow and a chicken? No, this isn’t a setup for a joke. This kind of animal crossing (wink) is a staple of Let’s Build A Zoo — a forthcoming zoo management game announced on Tuesday by publisher No More Robots. 

Developed by Springloaded — the team behind Campaign Clicker and Tiny Decks Dungeon — Let’s Build A Zoo appears to take on the Bullfrog Games sense of humour when it comes to management games. You can watch a 9-minute gameplay walkthrough below.

How you build your zoo is up to you. You could go all-in with your planning and structure, or just throw things in and see what works. All you have to concern yourself with is your customers being happy and everything running smoothly. Plus, with 300,000 animal combinations available, it's likely no two zoos will be the same. So, if you want to create your own breed of Chicows or Crocoducks you can do just that — whatever gets customers through the door, right? 

Let’s Build A Zoo is set to launch this summer on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

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