Jump Dash Roll's Microsoft-Related Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

December 4, 2020

2020 has been one heck of a year. Between Brexit, COVID-19, various protests and the fact that the world’s economy keeps on almost crashing, it’s been a hard year to be a human, let alone a human that goes outside and does anything. If you’re anything like us, all of these things have made you spend most of the year inside staring at a screen of some sort, and you’re probably starting to get bored of looking at the same old pieces of plastic. 

Now it’s officially winter, and hopefully you have a holiday bonus coming your way, it’s time to buy something for yourself or someone you know to help make the transition into the new year a bit more relaxed. To make this potential purchasing process a little bit easier, Jump Dash Roll has compiled a list of Microsoft-made tech that we think will help make anyone’s life a bit better for the foreseeable future. 

Xbox Series S - £249.99/$300

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This brand-new console from Microsoft is the ideal gift for anyone that’s looking for a cheap and easy way to get into next generation gaming. Although it’s not quite as powerful as the more expensive Xbox Series X, it’s still capable of running games at 60FPS at 1440p, which is perfect for everyone who hasn’t made the expensive leap into upper-end gaming hardware. It also doesn’t have a disc drive, which some may find off-putting but it makes the console cheaper without much of a downside unless you’re living in 1995. It’s compatible with almost all of Microsoft’s huge backlog of games from previous consoles, too, so this is perfect for anyone that just wants to play games without any of the hassle of dealing with other platforms.

Xbox Wireless Controller - £54.99/$60

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Whether you already own an Xbox and want another controller for your family to use, or you’re a dedicated PC gamer that’s sick of using a keyboard and mouse, this controller has you covered. As a wireless device that’s compatible with most Xbox-series consoles, some phones and Windows PCs, this controller is about as useful as handheld devices get. It has a long enough battery life to keep you gaming for hours, it’s ergonomic and you can get it in a ton of colours, which all makes for a fantastic gift for anyone who spends time behind a Windows device.

Surface Headphones 2 - £239/$250

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With lots of people working or going to school online, it’s important now more than ever to have a good pair of headphones, and these check all the boxes. They’re wireless with a 15-hour battery life, they’re noise cancelling and they’re comfortable to wear all day. If you or someone you know is stuck at home (so, most of the planet), then you can’t get much better than a pair of these. 

Surface Laptop Go - £549/$699

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop to help you work on the go, this is as good an option as any. It sports a full-sized keyboard, it’s lightweight and has decent enough technical specs to allow you to play most modern games. There may be better options available if you’re looking to buy something exclusively for gaming or for work, but if you or the person you’re looking to give a gift to doesn’t know what they want, this offers a great compromise that’s perfectly suited for both, for the most part.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - £10.99/$15 per month

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If you want the cheapest way to use all of the other things mentioned on this list, look no further. The Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over 160 games from big developers that can be played on your Xbox, PC and even your phone. It’s a phenomenal way to play the latest games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, for a comparatively low cost, and is sure to keep anyone you gift this to occupied for hundreds of hours.

That’s all of the Microsoft-related suggestions that we have for this year, though, so hopefully this list will make your holiday shopping life a bit easier. Keep in mind that there are still plenty of other cool gaming-related items from other brands, too (a PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch will please almost anyone in your life), but we’ve decided to keep this particular list focused on everything Xbox. So stay tuned to Jump Dash Roll for more of those suggestions, as well as some specific game recommendations as the year comes to a close!

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