Intro Indie: Levantera - Tale of The Winds

July 4, 2018

In recent years, there has been an overwhelming need for some indie developers to return to their gaming roots and create games like those which first got them hooked into gaming. These games, reminiscent of Metroid and Castlevania, aim to introduce 8-bit games to the next generation of gamers. Levantera - Tale of the Winds, by Lasso Games from West Virginia, USA, has perfectly captured this nostalgic type of game design but made it their own. It employs an authentic NES colour palette and 8-bit chiptunes which truly gives it the feel of a 1980s classic.

Although still in Early Access on Steam, the game is already paving a way for itself by being a finalist in the Taco Bell "Feed the Beta" program (an initiative to help get indie games to publication and if you are a struggling indie developer, the huge stack of Taco Bell food cards you can win is also a major bonus!). 

The game follows the story of a trading vessel called the M.S. Tradewind. Disaster strikes and you, the ship's captain, must discover that has happened and find the rest of your crew. As you explore the world of Cerrawyn, you begin to unlock the mysteries surrounding Levantera, the magical force present in the world. Your adventures will take you over vast seas, where you will come up against pirates and sea monsters, and over land where you will find all manner of fierce creatures and other inhabitants of the world.

As already stated, the game is currently in Early Access priced at £7.19 but there is currently no official date as to when Levantera will be ready for a full release. Watch this space to find out any more developments!

Emma Spalding

It all began with the Atari ST. Then the first home PC. And the rest is history. Although a platformer and RPG lass at heart, I'm willing to give anything a go, and if a game looks quirky then you've got my attention!