Horizon Forbidden West Revealed During PS5 Event

June 14, 2020
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Horizon Forbidden West will continue the story of Aloy on PlayStation 5. Revealed at the tail end of the PlayStation 5 reveal event on Thursday, fans were treated to a short teaser for the highly-anticipated sequel.

The follow-up to Guerilla Games’ critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West was the jewel in the crown of the PlayStation 5 reveal event. The last game to be featured in the showcase, its trailer (below) offered eager fans a brief glimpse at the changing landscape of the world of Horizon.

A direct continuation of Aloy’s story from Horizon Zero Dawn, she will travel West to discover “a far future America.” That version of America can be glimpsed in the trailer in what appears to be an overgrown Golden Gate Bridge. Alongside new environments, Aloy will come head to head with new enemies like a huge robotic Turtle and an even bigger mechanical Elephant. 

The trailer definitely implies plenty of scope for the new game which, like almost all of the PlayStation exclusive titles shown off on Thursday, has yet to receive a release date.

Are you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Aloy’s post-post-apocalyptic story? Let us know in the comments.

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