Hard-As-Nails Cult RPG Outward Is Getting a Sequel on PC and Consoles

March 14, 2024


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Nine Dots Studios has unveiled plans to release Outward 2, the sequel to its gritty survival action RPG released back in 2019. The original, developed by a small team, became something of a cult hit. Set in the land of Aurai, featuring six different areas, each with their own city and surrounding terrain, you (and a friend, thanks to not just online co-op, but a local split-screen option as well) begin the game as nobodies, struggling to pay off an unfair debt to save your home.

You must venture outward, survive disease and hunger, let alone the various enemies that patrol the land, with a storyline that gradually involves you in the political dispute between three rivalling factions, a god called Elatt, and an encroaching horde of terrifying creatures called the Scourge.

Details about the sequel are scarce at present, and no release date has been announced, though fans will be pleased to hear that there will still be no fast travel, and you will still be able to play split screen local co-op, meaning you and your friend will be able to head back to further explore the land of Aurai together on PC and (as yet unspecified) consoles.

The Nine Dots Studios announcement also revealed a turn-based rogue-like called Lost in Prayer (PC), and a four-player survival dungeon explorer called Witherbloom (PC and consoles).

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