Google Has Another Stadia Connect Livestream Planned in August

August 7, 2019

Google Stadia is coming this November, that much we know. We also know about thirty launch titles you'll be able to play on the exciting streaming service, and that more games will be coming through partnerships with Rockstar, Capcom and more.

What we don't know are specific details, more games, actual launch dates within the thirty days of November (hey, perhaps it'll be one game a day throughout the month?).

Google is planning on helping us out with our need for information. On the 19th of August there is a new Stadia Connect planned. According to the search giant itself, this one is all about the games:

Let’s do it again. On 8/19 at 10AM PDT/7PM CEST, #StadiaConnect is back and bigger than ever. This time around, it’s all about the games! From revealing brand-new titles to going behind-the-scenes with our partners, we can’t wait to show what Stadia has in store for you.

You can come back here to watch the stream when it goes live, but if you miss out we'll be sure to update you via Jump Dash Roll.

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