FIFA 22 Gets Its First Trailer, Releasing October 1st - But PC Fans Are Stuck With Last Gen Technology

July 12, 2021

FIFA 22 is coming this October and the first trailer focuses heavily on EA Sports’ new Hypermotion animation system. 

A new addition to the FIFA series, Hypermotion is a technology that writes new animations in real time based on real match capture data. It sounds incredibly impressive, and we get a look at how the system works (kind of) in the new trailer.

4,000 new animations have been introduced to the game thanks to the system, which has seen real professional footballers playing games in motion capture suits. EA Sports aims to generate “high-quality real-human movement data” to make their gargantuan football franchise even more realistic for the forthcoming season, with other little touches to improve how lifelike the new game feels.

As well as animations, FIFA 22 will also reportedly bring in new AI improvements. AI players are said to understand formations better, allowing them to make more accurate decisions on or off the ball. Other things revealed during the announcement included the ability for players to create their own clubs in career mode, an overhaul to Player Career and the introduction of FUT Heroes cards to the ever-popular Ultimate Team mode.

A current-gen version FIFA 22 will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X on October 1st with all of the above bells and whistles. However, players on previous generation consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC will receive a ‘legacy’ version of the game that lacks the aforementioned Hypermotion technology — this isn’t going down well with PC players either (per Eurogamer).

Expect to see more from FIFA 22 on July 20th during EA’s EA Play presentation. For more from the initial FIFA 22 announcement, visit the official website.

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