FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition Cover Star Revealed

July 30, 2019

FIFA 20 is coming September 27th 2019, or three days earlier on September 24th if you have EA Access - available on PlayStation 4 now as well as Microsoft Xbox.

This we largely knew. What we didn't, and what we have been learning this past week, is who is on the cover and also which new (some of them, anyway?) Icons are going to be available in the game.

Excitingly there are three versions this year: Standard, Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition. Each comes with different content and of course delightfully snazzy artwork.

If you're a fan of Real Madrid you'll perhaps want Eden Hazard on the standard edition, which comes with three FUT packs, five FUT Icon loans and some special FUT kits. If you're a Liverpool fan, you'll plump for the (appropriately enough) Champions edition with Virgil Van Dijk on the front, plus twelve FUT packs in total and access from the 24th with EA Access. If you're feeling flush you can get hold of the Ultimate edition with all of the above with twenty-four packs instead of twelve and a LIMITED TIME BONUS of an untradeable FUT 20 Ones to Watch Player Item, if you pre-order by August 5th.

This last bit is exciting - a OTW FUT card (somebody who has joined a new club in the summer) will be upgraded over the season in accordance with that player being in EA's team of the week. That means if you get Hazard, for example, you're quite likely to have a vastly superior card by the endgame!

Oh, yes, of course - I forgot. The cover star of this top of the range edition is Zinedine Zidane, coming back to FIFA as an Icon. Yes, he'll be in the game as well, alongside other new Icons such as Didier Drogba.

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