Ex-Techland Employees Launch New Publishing Company; First Games Revealed

September 29, 2020

Former Techland employees announced that they’ve launched a new publishing company named Untold Tales today, and have detailed the first games that they’ll be publishing.

According to a press release, the company will mainly focus on publishing single-player games that have the ability to tell a good story, and will only release a handful of games each year.

The company also said that their main focus as a publisher will be to adopt an approach that’s fair to both players and game developers alike.

“Devs need to understand we don’t want the rights to your IP,” said Grzegorz Drabik, VP, Head of Business Development. “We don't want revenue shares where you end up screwed. And we’ll never expect you to release something that isn’t ready and just wrecks your studio’s reputation.” 

“As for players, expect honest conversations, clear responses and no ludicrous 3-tiered pre-order campaigns with paid DLC waiting in the wings for a month later,” he said.

In addition, the company also said that it will be releasing The Hong Kong Massacre, a stylish top-down shooter, on Nintendo Switch as its first game. It will also be bringing Beautiful Desolation, an isometric adventure game that looks a lot like Evolve, to PlayStation 4.

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Derek Johnson

Somebody once told me the world was going to roll me, and they were right. I love games that let me take good-looking screenshots and ones that make me depressed, so long as the game doesn't overstay its welcome.